Milly vaccinated against Covid 19

Spritze mit BionTech-Impfdosis vor einem Coronavirus

Milly was vaccinated for the third time on 10 January 2022 and thus currently has the best possible protection against infection with Covid 19. We sincerely thank the paediatricians who supported us and carried out vaccinations when there was no recommendation to do so despite positive data. We also thank them for exposing themselves to the risk of being insulted and threatened by radical opponents of vaccination. This is all the more bizarre because the very people who demand maximum freedom for themselves deny it to parents who want to protect their children – especially those children who would probably be exposed to considerable danger if they were infected. This danger is generally completely neglected in all political considerations.

The first vaccination already took place in mid-September 2021, when the only option was off-label vaccination. This alone did not worry us, as off-label medications are frequently used in paediatric medicine in particular. There was no official information on vaccinating paediatric practices. We therefore thank the various anonymous helpers who supported us on Twitter and eventually established contact.

Of course, we did not take the decision lightly. We collected information and evaluated it. In the end, Milly’s pre-existing condition tipped the scales, as the risk of infection seemed greater or at least more uncertain to us than the already well-documented side effects of vaccination. In the meantime, we feel fully confirmed in our decision, as there are multiple studies that establish a connection with damage to the brain and an infection with SARS-CoV-2. In addition, we are glad that Milly hopefully has good protection against a serious illness in view of the insanely high infection rates of school children in particular, even though because of the omicron variant the protection against infection seems to be lower than against the earlier variants.

Nevertheless, we will continue to try as best we can to avoid infection – both in Milly and in us. If we parents fall ill, we will have a considerable problem with Milly’s provision and care.