How to support Milly’s Mission

Milly Rolli

Your donation for BPAN research

Please transfer your donation to Hoffnungsbaum e.V., as this association can also issue receipts for tax returns. Please make sure to send us your address or to include it as a reference in the transfer! The receipt will be sent at the beginning of the following year.

Hoffnungsbaum e.V.
Hardenberger Straße 73
D-42549 Velbert

Sparkasse Wuppertal
IBAN: DE67 3305 0000 0000 305979

Please state “BPAN” or “BPAN research” in the reference of the transfer so that the donation can be allocated correctly!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support!

Here you can find out more about the current state of research and about our fundraising goals.

Donate directly via We Can Help

The We Can Help site is a German portal that supports charitable organizations in collecting donations in various ways.

From now on you can easily donate to Milly’s Mission. Possible means of payment include a credit card and PayPal. The donation will then be credited to the Hoffnungsbaum association. On request you can receive a donation receipt, which will then be issued by We Can Help.

Fundraising events for BPAN research

Of course, you can also support our campaign with a fundraising event, i.e. a fundraising campaign (e.g. on birthdays, anniversaries) or a charity event (e.g. a sports event or concert) for the benefit of BPAN research. Please make family, friends, acquaintances or your employer aware of this possibility. We would be happy to get in touch with associations, companies, foundations or public institutions and discuss the next steps.

(Social) Media and networking

Raise awareness of BPAN! Share our website and social media presence. Talk to your family, friends, colleagues and doctors about this extremely rare disease.

Are you a physician or do research in the field of human biology? Draw your colleagues’ attention to NBIA/BPAN and inform them about current research fellowships and grants.

Are you a journalist or blogger? Write a column, publish a podcast, radio or television report. We’ll be happy to help.

In-kind donations

So far, we’ve been paying all the expenses associated with Milly’s mission out of our own pockets. The more extensive and visible the campaign becomes, the higher the costs will be. We would be delighted if our campaign were also supported by donations in kind, i.e. services that are very time-consuming and/or costly for us.

A heartfelt thank you therefore goes to:

  • Pia and Sigune Lüchtefeld, who translate part of our website and flyer into English.
  • Stefan Ronellenfitsch, who gives our website a fresher, more modern and more readable design at a very reasonable price.
  • Sonia Epple, who did a free photo shoot for us.

We would be happy to receive support from printing companies who offer us the printing of flyers and posters at a reasonable price. Please get in touch with us.

Donations summary

Funds raised for BPAN research to date:

EUR 32,060

(Latest change: 13 May 2021)

For data protection reasons we will not keep a donation list.
As soon as Hoffnungsbaum e.V. informs us, we will update the total amount donated. Since all members of the association are active in an honorary capacity, we ask for your understanding that it may take some time to check the donation accounts. Thank you very much!
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