Our Life With Milly

How is life with a special edition like our Milly? Spontaneously I would say: quite ordinary. Of course, certain things, such as aids or hospital admissions, belong to our lives and no longer represent anything unusual for us. We get visitors, visit family/friends, go on trips, celebrate, go on holiday. But of course we always have to take Milly’s disabilities into account. Some things are not possible, because we have to consider accessibility. On the other hand, when I see all sorts of healthy children, Milly can’t complain. In spite of her immobility, she is highly mobile and has already been around and about quite a bit. Fortunately, we are also in a position to facilitate her participation or to claim the prerequisites for it. We will report on this in the following. But first of all I would like to give an overview of Milly’s state of development.