Mobile Milly 2019

Since the end of last year we have been looking for suitable holiday accommodation on countless websites. This year we added another criterion to our search for accommodation: We now also need a nursing bed, as it is much too exhausting and dangerous for Milly to care for her in a normal bed. I wrote to countless agencies and landlords. Almost all of them were extremely helpful and went into the accommodations armed with a folding rule to take measurements.

It is not a problem to accommodate Milly, because there are holiday homes with rooms and bathrooms on the ground floor. But you can’t take out the beds there. And the rooms are too small for another bed. Also the bathrooms are very often not barrier-free or the showers are too small for Milly’s bathing chair.

After all, we unexpectedly got a tip from a house owner. She had inquired and discovered the Ankerherz (anchor heart) in Wustrow. It is a very beautiful property close to the beach with a very large room on the ground floor and a small bathroom that just had room for Milly’s bathing chair. And the landlord allowed the installation of a nursing bed for Milly. Everything went very smoothly: We contacted the local medical supply store Griephan in Barth, which contacted the landlord. We received a prescription from Milly’s treating physician, which we submitted to the medical supply store. The medical supply store thus applied to the health insurance company to pay the costs of borrowing, assembly and dismantling as well as the mattress in the amount of €395. They approved the loan of the aid within a short time. The bed was a huge relief for us and Milly and enabled us to have a holiday.

Update 16.06.2019